Plugins for Genesis Users

Checkout the following plugins designed to be used for the Genesis Framework.

IMPORTANT: You must have Genesis installed for most of these plugins. Click here to purchase Genesis

Genesis Plugins

  1. AgentPress Broker Listings: Automatically optimizes your Wordpress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).
  2. AgentPress Listings: This plugin creates a listings management system for AgentPress child themes, from StudioPress.
  3. AgentPress Listings Taxonomy Reorder: Allows the reordering of AgentPress Listings taxonomies after creation.
  4. Automatic Footer Copyright for Genesis: Add automatic copyright information in footer of Genesis or any Genesis child theme.
  5. bbPress Genesis Extend: Provides basic compatibility with bbPress and the Genesis Dramework with a few extra goodies.
  6. Column Shortcodes for Genesis Themes: Adds shortcodes to the post editor for all up to date Genesis themes.
  7. Constant Contact Form by ContactUs: The Constant Contact Form by is a WordPress plugin for Constant Contact emailers.
  8. Constant Contact Signup Form: Constant Contact Signup Form is a WordPress plugin for Constant Contact emailers.
  9. Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search: Version: 2.0.3 This plugin adds convenient search fields to provide easy access to the codex, wpbeginner, WordPress support forums and common wp-admi
  10. Enhanced Latest Tweets Widget: Enhanced Latest Tweets Widget allows you to display a certain number of tweets from a specified hashtag (and/or to limit it to a specified user).
  11. Featured Post Widget – Link to Category: Modification of StudioPress Featured Post Widget that enables an override link to the category.
  12. Generate Box: More functionality for the StudioPress Generate Child Theme.
  13. Genesis – Comment Title: Change the default Genesis Comment Title. Requires the Genesis theme framework
  14. Genesis 404 Page: Customize the content of the 404 Page within the Genesis Theme Framework.
  15. Genesis Accessible Dropdown Menu: Adds keyboard accessibility to the Genesis menu's (Genesis version 2.0 and higher)
  16. Genesis Admin Bar Plus: Adds resource links related to the Genesis Framework to the admin bar.
  17. Genesis Agent Profiles: This plugin creates a real estate agent directory for Genesis child themes.
  18. Genesis Beta Tester: This plugin lets you one-click update to the latest Genesis release, even if it's still in beta.
  19. Genesis Bootstrap Carousel: This plugin allows you to create a simple responsive image carousel that displays the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post.
  20. Genesis Club Lite: A toolbox of useful customisation functions for Genesis Child Themes.
  21. Genesis Co-Authors Plus: Enables full support for the Co-Authors Plus plugin in Genesis.
  22. Genesis Connect for BuddyPress: BuddyPress Theme Support for the Genesis Framework.
  23. Genesis Connect for Easy Digital Downloads: Integrate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin easily with the Genesis Framework and Genesis child themes: Templates, plus two additional widgets.
  24. Genesis Connect for WooCommerce: This plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate WooCommerce with the Genesis Framework and Genesis child themes.
  25. Genesis Custom Backgrounds: This plugin provides the option to select a default custom background.
  26. Genesis Custom Footer: Allows you to change the Genesis footer credits from the Genesis Theme Settings page.
  27. Genesis Custom Post Types Archives: Allows you to customize Genesis Custom Post Type archive pages for solid SEO.
  28. Genesis Dashboard News: This plugin adds a new dashboard widget to your WordPress Admin that pulls in the some recent (worldwide) news about the Genesis Theme Framework.
  29. Genesis Design Palette: This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to design the Genesis theme. Requires the Genesis framework.
  30. Genesis eNews Extended: Creates a new widget to replace the Genesis eNews Widget to allow easier use of non-Feedburner mailing lists.
  31. Genesis Extra Settings Transporter: Adds support for exporting settings of various Genesis Framework specific plugins & Child Themes via the Genesis Exporter feature.
  32. Genesis Favicon Uploader: Adds a theme option page to genesis to allow the user to upload a favicon without ftping into the themes folders. - The Genesis Theme Framework is Re
  33. Genesis Featured Grid: Genesis Featured Grid adds a Genesis Featured Grid widget with grid layout functionality
  34. Genesis Featured Images: This plugin sets a default image for post thumbnails for the Genesis framework.
  35. Genesis Featured Page Advanced: An advanced version of the Genesis - Featured Page widget. Allows you to add a custom image and custom content. The Genesis Framework is required.
  36. Genesis Featured Page Extended: Extends the Genesis Featured Page plugin with the possibility to show a thumbnail that could be any image in your media library. Requires the Genesis
  37. Genesis Featured Page Extras: Extra advanced version of the Genesis Featured Page widget. This plugin is for the (premium) Genesis Framework 2.0+ only!
  38. Genesis Featured Widget Amplified: Genesis Featured Posts with support for custom post types, taxonomies, and so much more
  39. Genesis Footer: This plugin allows you to modify Genesis-powered-website footer via Genesis theme settings.
  40. Genesis Footer Links Nofollow: Plugin makes all links in the footer nofollow. Use of Genesis Theme Framework is required.
  41. Genesis Footer Widgets: This plugin adds 3 footer widgets to Genesis 1.6 and higher.
  42. Genesis Grid: Customize your archive pages in Genesis to use a grid layout. Requires the Genesis theme.
  43. Genesis Grid: This plugin will provide a page template and a GUI for using the Genesis Grid Loop.
  44. Genesis Hooks: Automatically displays Genesis structual hook names in the browser for all pages.
  45. Genesis Inline: An inline front page post editor for Genesis. Works with GenesisConnect & BuddyPress.
  46. Genesis js / no-js: Make front-end styling easier for child themes on the Genesis Framework based on whether JavaScript is enabled or not.
  47. Genesis Latest Tweets: Genesis Twitter is the Genesis Latest Tweets Widget plugin.
  48. Genesis Layout Extras: This plugin for Genesis Framework allows modifying of default layouts for homepage, various archive, attachment, search, 404 pages via theme options.
  49. Genesis Layout Manager: This plugin allows you to modify Genesis Theme Framework layout for homepage, singular, archive, search, and 404 pages via Genesis theme settings.
  50. Genesis Media Project: Genesis Media Project is the premier media plugin for Genesis. Currently the plugin adds video support to the Genesis Framework and includes a Video T
  51. Genesis Minimum Image Extended: Allows for changing the "banner" image in Minimum 2.0 posts to not be the featured image.
  52. Genesis Nav Menu Amplified: Genesis Menu options with custom menu, categories, pages, and primary/secondary nav extras.
  53. Genesis Portfolio Beta: *BETA*: This plugin creates a portfolio management system for Genesis Child themes.*BETA*
  54. Genesis Post Navigation: This plugin adds a previous and next post links on a single post in a conventional way. This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page (Genesis Post
  55. Genesis Post Teasers: This plugin uses the genesis grid loop function to display posts teasers either on your Homepage, Archives, or Blog Template and gives added options t
  56. Genesis Press Post Type: The Genesis Press Post Type plugin creates a "Press" custom post type and a display widget for adding media bookmarks to any child theme wri
  57. Genesis Print Style: This plugin adds a printer-ready CSS file for the Genesis Theme Framework.
  58. Genesis Printstyle Plus: This plugin is adding a printer-ready stylesheet file for the Genesis Framework and its currently active child theme.
  59. Genesis Promotion Box: This plugin allows you to add a promotion box after a single post in Genesis.
  60. Genesis Prose Exporter: This plugin hooks Prose settings into Genesis Exporter.
  61. Genesis Prose Extras: Additions for the Prose Child Theme for Genesis Framework: Widgetized Homepage, layouts, menu positions, translation loading, plus various helpers.
  62. Genesis Responsive Slider: This plugin allows you to create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post.
  63. Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget: Genesis Featured Content with support for custom post types, taxonomies, and so much more.
  64. Genesis Scrolling Notifications: Easily add a notification bar to your Genesis child themes.
  65. Genesis Shortcode Generator: The Genesis Shortcode Generator allows you to quickly add any default Genesis shortcodes as well as column shortcodes from your WYSIWYG
  66. Genesis Shortcodes: Packages several commonly used shortcodes for the Genesis Framework.
  67. Genesis Simple Breadcrumbs: Genesis Menu options with custom menu, categories, pages, and primary/secondary nav extras.
  68. Genesis Simple Comments: Genesis Menu options with custom menu, categories, pages, and primary/secondary nav extras.
  69. Genesis Simple Customizations: Easily make some common customizations in the Genesis > Theme Settings menu instead of writing code snippets in your functions.php file. Must be us
  70. Genesis Simple Defaults: Simple Defaults allows you to set some of the more common default items in Genesis Theme Frameworks
  71. Genesis Simple Edits: This plugin lets you edit the three most commonly modified areas in any Genesis theme: the post-info (byline), the post-meta, and the footer area.
  72. Genesis Simple Headers: This plugin lets you use the WordPress Appearance -> Header functionality to upload a custom logo or header for your site using the Genesis Theme F
  73. Genesis Simple Hooks: This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to insert code (HTML, Shortcodes, and PHP), and attach it to any of the 50+ action hoo
  74. Genesis Simple Menus: With Genesis, Simple Menus allows you to select a WP menu for secondary navigation on posts, pages, categories, tags or custom taxonomies.
  75. Genesis Simple Page Sections: Easily make full width page sections in Genesis. Must be using the Genesis theme framework.
  76. Genesis Simple Sidebars: This plugin allows you to create multiple, dynamic widget areas, and assign those widget areas to sidebar locations within the Genesis Theme Framework
  77. Genesis Single Post Navigation: Plugin adds next & prev nav links on single posts to have a "browse post by post nav style". Use of Genesis Theme Framework is required.
  78. Genesis Slider: This plugin allows you to create a simple slider that displays the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post.
  79. Genesis Social Profiles Menu: This plugin adds a stylesheet for social profile icons for the WordPress custom menu - recommended for the use with Genesis Framework child themes.
  80. Genesis Staff Bio Grid: This plugin creates a simple, intuitive way to list your staff with featured images and to display their bio in a lightbox. For Genesis sites only.
  81. Genesis Stage Switcher: This WordPress plugin detects all the enviroments in Genesis WordPress and allows you to switch between different environments from the admin bar for
  82. Genesis Sticky Menu: This plugin adds a sticky menu. You can customize colors. Require Genesis framework.
  83. Genesis Style Select: Permits users to quickly and easily change style sheets with the Genesis framework themes
  84. Genesis Style Shortcodes: Enables button, content box, and column shortcodes for Genesis child themes.
  85. Genesis Style Trump: Loads Genesis child theme style sheet after plugin style sheets.
  86. Genesis Subpages as Secondary Menu: Replaces the manually managed Secondary Menu with one that automatically lists the current section's subpages. You must be using the Genesis Fram
  87. Genesis Tabs: This plugin allows you to create a tabbed section, via a widgets, that can display the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post
  88. Genesis Tabs Extended: Extended version of the Genesis Tabs plugin from Studiopress. Make selected posts unique on the page. And more...
  89. Genesis Taxonomy Images: Create and manage Taxonomy Images for the Genesis theme framework.
  90. Genesis Title Toggle: Turn on/off page titles on a per page basis, and set sitewide defaults from Theme Settings. Must be using the Genesis theme.
  91. Genesis Toolbar: The toolbar plugin adds a powerful row of buttons below each contact, and a whole lot more!
  92. Genesis Toolbar +: WordPress Toolbar addition full of information for the Genesis Framework.
  93. Genesis Toolbar Extras: This plugin adds useful admin settings links and massive resources for Genesis Framework and its ecosystem to the WordPress Toolbar / Admin Bar.
  94. Genesis Translations: Translate your Genesis powered WordPress site into one of the available languages.
  95. Genesis Visual Hook Guide: Find Genesis hooks (action and filter hooks) quick and easily by seeing their actual locations inside your theme.
  96. Genesis What's New Info: Easy access of the Genesis What's New Admin overview page - not only on updates but everytime. Makes sense, heh? :)
  97. Genesis Widget Toggle: This plugin add additional widget area that can be slide up and down.
  98. Genesis Widgetized Archive: Finally, use widgets to maintain & customize your Archive Page Templage in Genesis Framework and Child Themes to create archive/sitemap listings.
  99. Genesis Widgetized Footer: Finally, use widgets to edit the Footer area ('Return to Top' plus 'Copyright/Credits') in Genesis Framework and Child Themes.
  100. Genesis Widgetized Not Found & 404:

    Finally, use widgets to maintain and customize your 404 Error and Search Not Found pages in Genesis Framework and Child Themes.

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