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Gravity Forms Toolbar

This small and lightweight plugin just adds a lot Gravity Forms related resources to your toolbar / admin bar. Also links to all admin settings pages pages of the plugin are included, making the life of form administrators/ developers a lot easier. So you might just switch from the fontend of your site to read current ‘Entries’ or just ‘Add a new Form’ etc. How cool is that? :) Also, support for all official and lots of third-party add-ons is included!

As the name suggests this plugin is primarily intended towards website admins/ developers. Beside the forum, support links etc. the main plugin settings links will only appear if the current user has the appropiate rights/ capabillities for these. This just goes hand in hand with the very same user rights Gravity Forms itself uses to display its menu entries. So also Editors or any user user with the proper rights could view ‘Entries’ etc (you could easily tweak all those roles & caps with the awesome “Members” plugin!).

NEW Features since v1.2+

  • Admin settings page to optinally remove Support/Docs/FAQ and/or “Active Extensions” sections from menu (settings under “General Settings”)
  • Admin settings allow also to dynamically add existing Forms (link to their edit pages) and Entries of these forms
  • Visual notification of new entries in the Toolbar (top level) and on “Entries” sub-level (if dynamic entries are activated)

Official Add-Ons Support

The plugin out of the box supports links to settings pages of all officially available Gravity Forms Add-Ons, 7 to date:

  • User Registration
  • PayPal
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Freshbooks
  • Twilio

Add-Ons/ Plugin Support

At this time the plugin out of the box supports also links to settings pages of some third-party Gravity Forms related plugins:

Special Features

  • Not only supporting official Gravity Forms/ Gravity Help sites ALSO third-party and user links – so just the whole Gravity Forms ecosystem :)
  • Link to downloadable German language packs – only displayed when German locales are active (de_DE, de_AT, de_CH, de_LU)
  • Link to Dutch language/translation plugin – only displayed when Dutch locales are active (nl_NL or nl)
  • NOTE: I would be happy to add more language/locale specific resources and more useful third-party links – just contact me!


  • English (default) – always included
  • German – always included
  • .pot file (gravity-forms-toolbar.pot) for translators is also always included :)
  • Your translation? – Just send it in

Credit where credit is due: This plugin here is inspired and based on the work of Remkus de Vries @defries and his awesome “WooThemes Admin Bar Addition” plugin.

This plugin is a co-work from:

David Decker – DECKERWEB from and GenesisThemes


Milan Petrovic – Dev4Press from



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