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Understanding WordPress Custom Post Types

Here are some helpful links to further understand custom post types. Next week, we will be diving into the world of Custom Post Type Plugins.

  1. WordPress Codex: Custom Post Types
  2. WordPress Codex: Register Post Type
  3. Justin Tadlock: Custom Post Types in WordPress
  4. Justin Tadlock: Meta Capabilities (arguments capabilities and capability_type) for Custom Post Types
  5. Kovshenin: Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0 and Kovshenin: Extending Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0 by Konstantin
  6. WPSmith: How to Create a WordPress Custom Post Type Template in the Genesis Framework
  7. WP Inside-Out: Advanced Custom Post Types – PHP Class Integration
  8. WP Theming: Custom Post Type Resources
  9. WP Theming: How to Add a Metabox to a Custom Post Type
  10. Justin Tadlock: Showing Custom Post Types On Your Home Blog Page
  11. Justin Tadlock: Meta Capabilities for Custom Post Types
  12. Justin Tadlock: Linking Terms to a Specific Post
  13. WP Engineer’s Impressions of Custom Post Types
  14. FLD Trace: WordPress custom post types, custom back-end columns and post thumbnails
  15. Nielsen Creative Media: How to Develop a Custom Post Plugin with Unique Taxonomy and Tags
  16. Justin Tadlock: Rethinking How News Themes Work
  17. Blogcastor: Submit Post Form for WordPress Custom Post Type
  18. D Baines: WordPress Custom Post Type Search
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