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Enhanced Latest Tweets Widget

Enhanced Latest Tweets Widget extends the twitter widget which will now allow you to display a certain number of tweets by a specified user with a specified hashtag in a widget. On the admin side, given the twitter username, you can tell:
(1) how many of the last tweets that you want to display,
(2) whether to hide replies, and
(3) then whether you want to limit the output to contain a certain hashtag (with or without the #).

This widget also enhances the Genesis Theme Framework Twitter Widget. This allows it to take full advantage of the styling already present in the Child Themes while providing the advanced hashtag feature. However, this widget is not yet prepared to handle twitter usernames who set their messages to private.

This plugin works with the [Genesis Theme Framework] and [Thesis Framework]

Enhanced Latest Tweets Widget: DownloadEnhanced Latest Tweets Widget Plugin Screenshot

Plugin Name: Enhanced Latest Tweets Widget
Plugin URI:
Version: 0.5
Author: Travis Smith (@wp_smith)
Author URI:
Contributor: Nick the Geek (@Nick_theGeek)
Contributor URI:

1. Upload the entire `enhanced-latest-tweets-widget` folder to the Plugins (`/wp-content/plugins/`) directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Go to Widgets Control Panel
4. Drag widget into the desired Sidebar
5. Supply your user name, number of tweets to show, and hashtags tolisten for.
6. Save the changes


Change Log

0.4.1 (7-2-2010) (Current) Download Here
-fixed all hash tag tweets being displayed when either hashtag field was left empty.
-Added default number of tweets to show (5) if the number of tweets field is left blank.

0.4b (6-23-2010)
-added the ability to pull the Twitter profile images (16×16, 32×32, 48×48)
-added the ability to pull the Twitter bio/description
-added some default texts (3) to post after tweets ([username] has [#] followers after [#] updates with [#] favorites)
-added a reply link after each tweet option
-added WP license to readme.txt

0.3b (6-18-2010)
-added second hashtag
-added checks for hashtags & twitter usernames
-added option to search public timeline

0.2b (6-18-2010) Download
-First Stable Revision.

Download Latest Version
: Download Here Download at Enhanced Latest Tweets Widget