Best Plugins for Creating Custom Post Types

Understanding WordPress Custom Post Types

Do you hate coding and simply want a graphical user interface to create custom post types? Or would you rather use a plugin to save time to create custom post types? While I personally believe hand coding the custom post types and the metaboxes are easier, there are some really good plugins that will help you accomplish all that you want to accomplish with Custom Post Types.

So here are my Top Custom Post Type Creating Plugins.


  1. Easy Content Types: Easy Content Types provides an extremely easy to use and intuitive interface for creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes. It allows for custom categories, custom tags, and custom input fields.
  2. GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools: Can be used to expand custom taxonomies and custom post types support. Plugin adds many tools including custom post types and taxonomies management and widget for taxonomies terms cloud.
  3. Post Type Constructor Kit: PCK is a suite of plugins consisting of the post type constructor kit, meta boxes kit, role manager kit, and widget kit giving the possibility of 15 different types of metaboxes including text, WYSIWYG, radio, checkbox, select box, image, file, date and time, tab, gallery, panorama viewer, contact form, comments, youtube, and Google map. This plugin also has a forum support channel apart from WordPress.
  4. WPMU Dev’s CustomPress: The ultimate plugin for transforming WordPress from a blogging platform into a full blown CMS system using your own custom post, taxonomies and custom field creator. And combine this with the Recent Custom Post Type Widget for even further usability.


  1. Custom Post Type UI: Great interface, ability to create taxonomies, good support community. Lacks custom field creation functionality; however, only free plugin to export to proper universal PHP code. Plugin Site.
  2. More Types: Integrates perfectly with More Taxonomies, to create additional taxonomies besides Categories and Tags, and More Fields, to create additional input fields easily. More Types has the ability to assign additional features beyond the typical WordPress supports to include theme based features like genesis-seo, etc. While More Types is a standalone plugin, combined with the suite of More Plugins, it is robust and powerful. More Plugins Site.
  3. WP Easy Post Types: Can select columns to show. In-built custom field creation (albeit limited) that will be attached to your new custom post type, and each field will be saved in the WordPress database as a custom field to take advantage of the WordPress query rules. However, it has a somewhat “confusing” Admin menu and support is not free. This could be a premium plugin.
  4. Ultimate Post Type Manager: This is an Easy to use Plugin to Create, Customize, Manage Custom Post Type. Do all you want to do with you Posts. It can also be used with Ultimate Taxonomy Manager.
  5. Content Types: Content Types is a WordPress plugin that helps you create custom content types in WordPress. It allows for custom categories, custom tags, and custom input fields. From what I can tell, this is the only plugin that makes some metabox/custom fields required for posting.
  6. WP Post Type UI: Inspired by “Custom Post Type UI” this plugin that gives you what have always wanted for creating dynamic post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress. The UI is made in true WP style, with a smooth integration to give nice and easy access to create and edit post types and taxonomies.
  7. GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools: Can be used to expand custom taxonomies and custom post types support. Plugin adds many tools including custom post types and taxonomies management and widget for taxonomies terms cloud. For a comparison with the pro version: see the comparison chart.
  8. Simple Custom Post Types: Makes managing custom post types even simpler, removing the need for you to write any code. Excerpt update your theme. This plugin provides a nice interface and easy access. The plugin provides almost all the parameters of the WordPress CPT API. It is possible to manage the permissions of custom post types such as articles or pages. Or create a full set of custom permissions.
  9. Custom Content Type Manager: Create custom content types (AKA post types), standardize custom fields for each type, including dropdowns and images. This gives WordPress CMS functionality making it easier to use WP for eCommerce or content-driven sites. Plugin Site.
  10. Custom Press: Custom Press allows you to easily add your own custom post types and custom taxonomies into WordPress, which you can also toggle on and off more advanced options for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies. It also features an ‘Embed Code’ option is available if you would prefer to put your custom post types and custom taxonomies directly into a theme or plugin.
  11. CMS Press: CMS Press opens up the ability to create and manage custom content types and taxonomies for your WordPress site. It adds the flexibility to have more than just posts and pages for content by allowing the user to register their own post_types that can use their separate theming from the post and page template along with its own permalink structure.

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  1. says

    This is a great round-up. I recently started using Custom Post Types and taxonomies and found Custom Post Type UI + Custom Field Template work great for me.

    What I am having difficulty finding, is a plugin, free or otherwise, that allows the end user to search multiple taxonomies from the front-end.

    I’d welcome any suggestions you have for front-end taxonomy searching.


    • deek says

      Kendra, did you ever find an adequate solution for search cpt taxonomies?

      Another problem I am debating is that I already have custom post types that have been created for my site. Will these plugins destroy my old custom post types?

      • says

        Hello Deek,

        The plugins WON’T destroy current custom post types, then most of your sites would break if that were the case… However, some of the plugins don’t follow WordPress best practices like prefixing the custom post type registration name (or rather HIGHLY encouraging the user to). This ALONE has more horrid ramifications than anything breaking countless sites (and then the user blames the plugin or WordPress when it was simply user error).

        • deek says

          Thanks, Travis. In your experience, would there be one that does obey WordPress that you could recommend?

          I’ve also run across a different project that may let me have the best of both worlds, preserving current post types and shifting new post types over to the new method Pod proposes.

          For my current need of creating a simple database of links, it appears promising.

  2. kevin says

    Great article – but do any of these plugins provide a way to display the custom post types once they are created. That is what I do not understand how to do.

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