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How to Make the Top-Level Menu Items Non-clickable in WordPress Custom Menus

Whether you use Genesis or not, one often question I see is: “How do I make the top-level items non-clickable?” And they go on to say that they are linked to a category, a landing page, a blank page, a random 404 page, etc. However, it is quite simple.

First, for Genesis users, ensure that you have selected Custom Menus in Genesis > Theme Settings. Then, navigate to the custom menus option via Appearance > Menus.

Second, create the custom links menu item by filling in the URL as “#” (without the quotes) inserting a label name, then clicking Add to Menu. Then locate it anywhere on the menu and click Save Menu.


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  1. That’s awesome advice. However I use Thesis 1.7 and am going crazy trying to figure out how to do the same thing with the top level nav. I know in Thesis 1.8 it has a simple feature like Genesis, but that is only out in beta. Any suggestions?

  2. You are a lifesaver and literally saved me hours of works. Thanks so much for this info!

  3. Thanks but…wht does >>Then locate it anywhere on the menu…<<what does that mean?

  4. Does that work for the header or just for the menus? Man I hope it works for the header when I go try it. I’ve been searching for hours. Just ran into a post from some girl who’d been searching for hours too.

  5. Thanks Travis
    Easy when you know how.
    Not had top do it before, but might have to do it on a new client site.

  6. This is a good tip!
    What I do is a little different.. when I add the custom menu item in, I put any little text in the URL, insert it into the menu, then I clear it out to have nothing in the URL field. This way when your mouse hovers over it, the cursor doesn’t change into a link and although it doesn’t go anywhere, people still try to click on it.

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