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  1. Nice tip! I’m adding that to my bag o’ tricks…

  2. You really would think that adding a simple Logout link to a menu would be much simpler than this! Thanks for sharing this, it’s invaluable.

  3. I’ve been search for a long time to find this. The other sites I’ve come across have seek only to provide a solution for a registered menu with a predefined location. Your example is exactly what I’m looking for as it applies to any menu created. As such it got added immediately. Thanks for the share.

  4. Great resource thanks! I’m trying to add this to 2 menus BUT NOT my main or primary nav menu. Do you know how I can do this?


  5. Worked perfect

  6. Is there a way to specify the position for the link? I would like this to be the 2nd item in the menu. See in the example below, how can I place this link in this spot?
    Current Menu: Home | | About | Contact Us

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